Rejoice In Welcoming Ramadhan With Rebana Festival


Pekanbaru ( – As many as 31 groups of tambourines from various regions participated in the Rebana Festival held by Ade Hartati Rahmat on Sunday (28/03) at Bono Hotel, Jalan Riau, Pekanbaru.

Not only from Pekanbaru City, but also surrounding areas such as Duri, Dumai, Kampar, and Bengkalis regions.

“We are holding a tambourine festival in order to rejoice in welcoming the month of Ramadan. Besides that, it is also a way for us to stay in touch with women as well as listen to their aspirations, so that we know how conditions are in today’s society, “explained Ade.

The tambourine song which contains a lot of advice is also hoped that Ade can be followed by the next generation.

“We hope that the art of qasidah will continue to be present in this Malay country. Qasidah songs contain a lot of advice to educate our children so that they are not far from Islamic life. We want that advice to be heard by our children,” said Ade.

Ade Hartati also supported the activities of this tambourine group by providing assistance money of 10 million rupiahs for several categories.

“We hope that the coaching money can be used for women doing activities, such as buying property or uniforms,” ​​concluded Ade.

Yusri Mingka as the Head of Lasqi Pekanbaru City also attended as chairman of the jury at this festival.

“We hope that this festival will create the relationship between the tambourine groups, and will make our teenagers love tambourines too,” explained Yusri. ***