Chaotic PPDB Based on Zoning, Ade Hartati: It Should’nt Longer Happen


Pekanbaru ( – Registration of New Student Admissions (PPDB) caused a stir among the people who did not get a state school quota in each region. No exception in the village of Maharatu, many parents of students were disappointed because the quota was unable to accommodate all students who needed the State of Senior High Schools.

Seeing this, Ade Hartati Rahmat, M.Pd. as a member of V Commission DPRD Riau not only heard the aspirations of the community but immediately followed up on the condition. He received complaints from the public about the chaotic admission of new students at the senior high school level. Ade collaborated with the Village of Maharatu to find a solution to the problem.

“Yesterday, the Maharatu village chief signed 170 domicile certificates that will be used to register for senior high school. In this case the Lurah and the community were never included in the deliberations concerning the quota of student admission based on zoning. The community should be invited as well so that the surrounding community understands the steps that must be taken, “said Ade Hartati.

This is not the first year that the PPDB-based zoning has been carried out. “It should have been studied really capacity, the number of students who need school, and other things that need attention. don’t cause any more commotion, ” added Ade Hartati.

In this case, Ade sees the Governor of Riau not seeing this fundamental thing. “The Governor’s Regulation should also regulate this matter in accordance with the conditions of each region and its needs,” her explained.

Minister of Education and Culture Regulation No. 44 of 2019 governing PPDB provisions, starting from the requirements, registration path for the implementation of PPDB (Registration, Selection, and Announcement). It also regulates data collection, transfer of students, reporting and supervision to sanctions.

“In Riau, the emphasis is only on paragraph 1 which states that the determination of zoning areas is carried out at every level by the Regional Government in accordance with their authority, with the principle of bringing students’ domicile closer to schools. Whereas the problem of the current quiz is in paragraph 2 which states the determination of zoning areas by the regional government at each level as referred to in paragraph (1) must pay attention to the amount of available capacity of the education unit organized by the Central Government, Regional Government, and the community including the unit religious education, which is adjusted to the availability of the number of school-age children at each level in the area. We will discuss the continuation at the Commission so that this issue is completely resolved without ignoring the rights of the community in the field of education, “Ade closed to AmiraRiau on Saturday (11/07/2020).